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Window Tinting Installation


Sunshine Auto Spa provides the window tint Santa Barbara needs to stay protected. From limiting the sun’s rays, to added privacy and a cooler interior, a vehicle adds both aesthetic and practical value with the addition of tint. At our shop we sell top of the line window tint film from manufacturers including Suntek and 3M. All of our tint packages are backed by a lifetime warranties against bubbling and delamination. With the vast amounts of time we spend in our cars it makes sense to protect the cabin from the negative effects of the sun.

Although tint adds aesthetically pleasing components, it plays an even larger role in interior and skin protection. If you’ve ever driven on a hot day in a car without tinted windows, then you may have experienced unpleasant temperatures, burns and exposure to harmful amounts of UV rays. With the addition of tint, windows allow in far less harmful UVA and UVB rays, this in turn leads to a healthier interior and healthier skin. At Sunshine Auto Spa we offer three varieties of protective window coating. Our FX Premium Package reduces heat in cabin by up to 45% and blocks 99% of UV rays. The Color Stable Package rejects up to 57% of total solar energy and possesses SPF 1000 protection. Our Crystalline Package rejects up to 60% of total solar energy and 97% of infrared rays. Protect your skin, your privacy and your interior with the addition of Sunshine Auto Spa’s window tint packages.

Protect your investment!

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Interior protection from aging
  • Increased privacy
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Rejects heat keeping your car cooler
  • Shatter Resistant Technology

Featured Product:  Crystalline Tint

  • 60% Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER)
  • 97% Infrared Rejection
  • Blocks up to 91% of UV Rays
  • Glare Reduction
  • Added Privacy
  • Interior Protection


Tint is a great way to customize any vehicle.  Even better, window tint reduces glare and protects your interior along with you your cabin’s occupants from the ill effects of the sun.

In addition to blocking harmful UV rays, window tint also reduces heat and glare within the cabin. As a result of this reduction, vehicles are more temperate and the sunshine is less harsh on the eyes. In our beautiful city of Santa Barbara, the sun can beat down in the summer so hard that we struggle to see. With the addition of tint to the windows or top section of the windshield, your vehicle gains a valuable tool in reducing the glare and heat that would otherwise enter.

Another great component of window tint is that it protects your interior from premature fading and cracking. Too many cars have fallen victim to this unsightly damage and with the addition of window tint, any car can stay protected for the long run. Window tint is a great, cost affective film that protects your interior and eyes while also adding style!

California Laws on Window Tinting

You’re probably wondering how much tint is legally allowed on your car. In regards to the windshield, the top four inches can be coated with non-reflective tint. The front side windows need to let in 70% of light and the rear window and back side windows can be as dark as you’d like them to be.