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Crystalline Tint


Car Tint Santa Barbara

The Crystalline package provides the car tint Santa Barbara requires for the strongest form of interior protection. Whether you’re interested in adding the tint for it’s aesthetic purposes, or for it’s practical purposes, Sunshine Auto Spa provides the services vehicles need to stay protected. Not only does window tint add aesthetically pleasing value to your vehicle, it also adds practicality. This non-reflective finish is resistant to fading, UV, infrared and heat rejection and helps protect your interior and your skins health inside the cabin.

The Crystalline Package greatly reduces UV damage and the total solar energy rejected (TSER). Once added to a glass surface, the film rejects 60% of TSER and 97% of infrared rays. Up to 91% of UV rays are rejected. This in turn protects the interior surfaces along with the inhabitants skin. The film never turns purple and reduces glare keeping your interior protected for the long haul. For a free quote for your vehicle, please click here.

Included in Package

  • Added Privacy
  • Interior Protection
  • 60% TSER Reduction
  • 97% Infrared Rejection
  • Blocks up to 91% of UV Rays
  • Glare Reduction